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About the Wolf Pack Pups!

Wolf Pack Pups: A Halloween Trick or Treat Tail is a high-quality board book featuring a new story from Robert A. Multari and gorgeously illustrated by Megan Affolter, sure to help monsters of all ages get into the Halloween spirit!

The Wolf Pack Pups portrays grade school versions of characters from the hit indie comic book series, Night Wolf, also created and written by Robert A. Multari and published by Lone Wolf Comics. The story is about two young werewolf pups, Night Wolf and Snow Paw, who are excited to go trick-or-treating among the humans without scaring anyone. While the pups are going door to door collecting candy, their Monster Grade School classmates, Janelle and Circe are up to no good! Jealous of the pups’ strong friendship the twin Witches cast a spell, turning Night Wolf into a Voodoo Doll Plush Toy!

This story teaches young children not to be jealous if their friend has other friends, that it is okay to have many friends to share and play with at school or anywhere. The moral of the story was inspired by a real-life situation that Robert A. Multari experienced with his daughter at preschool.

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"Inspired by the books we read at bedtime, I wanted to write a story for my daughter to enjoy, and that other kids could relate too and learn from as well." - Robert A. Multari, Creator/Writer

The Characters

Night Wolf Character Design

Night Wolf

The youngest werewolf pup in Wolf Pack. He's funny, kind-hearted and a bit mischievous!

Snow Paw Character Design

Snow Paw

The oldest werewolf pup in the Wolf Pack! She is brave, thoughtful, and adventurous!

Janelle Character Design


The younger of the twin witches. She is more into fashion and prone to jealousy.

Circe Character Design


The older of the twin witches. She is more goth and prone to naughtiness.

The Creative Team

Meet the creative team behind the Wolf Pack Pups!

Robert A. Multari

Robert A. Multari / Writer

Robert A. Multari is a creator/writer working in multiple genres of comic books and children’s books. Rob is also the founder of his self-publishing company, Lone Wolf Comics. Rob lives in Sharpsville, PA with his wife, three children, three dogs, and cat. It had been Rob’s dream since he was a kid, struggling with A.D.D. and dyslexia, to be in the comic book business. Since July 2017, Rob has published issues 1 though 7 of his ongoing comic book series, Night Wolf, and the first two issues of the spinoff series, Snow Paw.

Megan Affolter

Megan Affolter / Illustrator

Megan Affolter is a Pittsburgh, PA born artist/ illustrator. She has been selling her prints of her art at comic conventions since 2015 and has been working in illustrating business since 2020. Her artwork is known for its vivid color and over-all cheerful nature. She loves giving herself art challenges to keep her on her toes! Recently, Megan has contributed an amazing variant cover for Snow Paw Issue 2 as well as designed the Night Wolf Voodoo Doll Plush Toy and the Wolf Pack Pups character designs. Megan's art style is perfect for bringing the Wolf Pack Pups to life!

The Previews

Wolf Pack Pups: A Halloween Trick or Treat Tail!
Night Wolf Voodoo Doll Plush
Wolf Pack Pups: A Halloween Trick or Treat Tail Page 1
Wolf Pack Pups: A Halloween Trick or Treat Tail Page 3
Wolf Pack Pups: A Halloween Trick or Treat Tail Page 2
Wolf Pack Pups: A Halloween Trick or Treat Tail Book

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